Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions


Yay Baby! (ABN 562 7107 1479) is the owner of www.yaybaby.com.au. The terms “we” and “us” refer to Yay Baby!

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By accessing this site and social media platforms you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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If you wish to cancel your order, please contact Yay Baby! immediately on 0415 421 157. Cancellation before three (3) days of pick up/delivery date of your order will not receive a refund and applies to all products except for “additional gifts” unless already purchased. Once payment for an order has been accepted, cancellation is at the discretion of Yay Baby! which is based on the amount of preparation completed of the order.

All events incur a $50 non-refundable booking fee. Cancellation of events for any reason advised 4 days prior to event date will receive a refund minus booking fee. Events cancelled less thank 4 days prior to the event date will not receive a refund. There are no fees for postponing event dates however must be rebooked to suit availability.


In the event where there is no one to collect the item from the delivery address provided we will contact you/the recipient twice. If these calls are not answered we will place the product in a safe area and take a photo of it to send to you as proof of delivery. After this point we are no longer responsible for these products. 

Delivery times can be any time between 8am – 6pm. If you have a certain time needed for delivery you may request a time however we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so.


Our customers feedback is the lifeline of our business. We welcome all feedback to help us grow beyond the best of our ability. Contact us here.


Terms & Conditions


Due to the nature of these products being used as announcement supplies we do not accept refunds unless in the unlikely occasion where Yay Baby! provides the wrong gender from the advice provided. Written proof to justify the incorrect preparation must be provided e.g. letter, email or text sent prior to event date and picture of the incorrect colour provided by Yay Baby! dated.


We accept advice of the gender by email, text and letter. We also accept advice by telephone calls from family, friends or the Sonographer. We will always write down the gender on paper once we are advised over the phone however we will not be liable if the information provided to us is incorrect due to the Sonographers misreading of the ultrasound/test.


H-float is not able to be used in gender reveal balloons therefore the float time is approximately 8 hours however we recommend popping the balloon within 5 hours of receiving the balloon.

If personalisation is applied to your balloon, you may see it wrinkle over a few hours. This is normal and not a fault.


Terms & Conditions


Due to the nature of these products, no refund is applicable unless a fault on our end such as the balloon/s popping upon delivery and the order cannot be remade, or incorrect personalisation on products has been presented.


Once the products are in the care of the customer, it is up to the customer to ensure the product does not become damaged.  Yay Baby! does not take any responsibility for any damage once handed to the customer.

Regarding Luxe Gift Balloons: We recommend these to be Picked-up/Delivered on the day of event or just one day Prior (the balloon itself can last over a week however clouding can appear). When picking up Luxe Gift Balloons, you must ensure clear space in boot or seats to ensure the product is sitting well and clear of anything that could damage it. The items sitting in the balloons are not held down by anything and simply placed in the balloon the best way for presentation. When driving with the Luxe Gift Balloon we require you to drive slowly and carefully especially around roundabouts and refrain from breaking hard and suddenly to ensure the stability of the product. 


We are open to requests regarding colour and font style however if we do not have access to the requested, we will choose the next best option best suited to the theme.

Options for ribbon can be chosen however if we are out of stock we will automatically choose the next best colour suited.


By choosing the shopping service available, the customer is accepting that we will shop within a 10km radius from our location to find suitable items based on the information and budget provided. The customer accepts that the purchased items chosen by Yay Baby! will be used. The customer understands and accepts that no liquor is included in the gifting service both when gifts are provided by the customer or in the shopping service. 



Refunds may only be provided if the incorrect item has been provided or if balloons have popped in our care before delivery and a replacement is unable to be provided.

We ensure all balloons are made a couple of hours prior to the event to allow enough time to show us if there are any faults to the balloon. Once the balloon is out of our care we will not be liable should they pop for any reason.


All balloons with the ability to withstand hi-float treatment should be able to float for a few days however this cannot be guaranteed due to the environment the balloons are in after our care is out of our hands therefore we recommend picking up or delivery of the balloons to be the day of the event. 

Typically we advise float time to be about 12 hours or so.


Jumbo latex balloons with or without text, jumbo confetti balloons and gender-reveal balloons are inflated to approximately 70cm

Bubble balloons are inflated to 50cm

Orbs are inflated to 40cm


After about 8 hours of float time, the text on your jumbo balloon will start to look wrinkly and this is expected, due to the balloon slowly losing helium over time. In colder temperature, this may happen quicker because helium gas contracts. We hi-float all of our balloons to reduce shrinkage however this is unavoidable.


Bubble balloons generally last up to 5-7 days in normal temperature, with no or minimum wrinkles on the text. 

We cannot stress enough that bubble balloons are very sensitive to temperature change. If you have air conditioning in the car while transporting them, you may find that wrinkles will appear on the text. On the other hand, if you have heating on, there is a risk of them popping due to helium gas expanding and the balloon’s inability to stretch (unlike the latex variety). It is your duty of care to keep them in an environment at reasonable room temperature.

It is not our responsibility if your bubble balloons pops while they’re in your hands.


Please make sure there isn’t anything sharp in the car that may pop your balloon. Always carry your balloons inside the bag while taking it out of the car especially in a windy day as the string may snap. Take the balloons out of the bag as soon as you get to the destination. 

During summer period or warmer temperature, it is crucial not to leave your balloons in side the car for an extended period of time as the helium gas will expand and may cause your balloons to pop. The same rule applies about leaving your balloons outside in the open air.

When picking up your balloons, please ensure your car opening is big enough to fit the balloons inside. Once the balloons are made, we cannot reduce its size and it is not our responsibility if they don’t fit in your car – no refund will be given.


In the rare occasion where your balloons pop during transport while still in our hands, we can only offer a refund and not a replacement.

Once your balloons have been dropped off to a safe location, we will take a photo as an evidence. Beyond this point, they are no longer our responsibility in case anything happens to them.

When no one at the location is present to receive delivery at the scheduled time, we will try to contact you once. If we can’t get through to you, your balloons will be left unattended outside the premises and they will no longer be our responsibility.


Terms & Conditions


Due to the nature of the product and the time it takes to produce this item, refunds are not applicable. We will do our best to colour match as close to the requested colour as possible. If you feel we have not done the job properly and can justify a wrong doing by Yay Baby! we will review each case to find a resolution if well justified.


Balloons garlands will differ in portion of colour and position of each balloon. No balloon garland can be exactly the same and due to the nature of this product we will ensure to prepare the balloon garland the best way we see fit.

We will ensure your balloon garland is never shorter than the ordered amount however please keep in mind, after installation it may appear shorter or longer due to the nature of its positioning. 


Balloon garlands will come partially prepared and the remainder will be added on site in co-ordination to the ordered length. We base each garland by your ordered length therefore we cannot extend the length on the day of the event.

We recommend installation to be prepared on the day of the event or the night before if the balloon garland is to be placed indoors. Due to the temperament of balloons, you will see them to be of a matte finish over time and confetti balloons will cloud. Balloon garlands can stay in good condition for 5 days up to weeks after dependant on its care and the environment it is held in however this cannot be guaranteed. 

Command hooks will be used at private residences and we will seek permission to use them to fix balloon garlands where necessary. Photos of the area will be required to allow us to better visualise and advise. If you are requiring a balloon garland at a hired venue we do not use the command hooks and correct props will need to be hired to allow us to place the balloon garlands on.


We can arrive to your event either the night before or the day of dependant of your venue. Please contact us to confirm the best time and allow an hour for us to install.

Bump out fee is applicable if needing us to dissemble the balloon garland at the end of your event. Unless indicated otherwise, we will not return to remove your balloon garland after the event. You can simply pop them or resell them. Please ensure you dispose of the balloons correctly, by popping, picking up each piece and discarding them into a rubbish bin.